Tony Harnell Himself Says He “May” Be Working On A New Sonic Song

We want to make it clear before we move forward that nothing here is officially confirmed. That said, the source is Mr Harnell himself and he says he “may” be working on a little something for our speedy blue friend!

Tony Harnell is known for his work as a singer for the band TNT as well as the front man for Skid Row, however briefly. Sonic fans however will know him as the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog’s theme music in the Adventure era, for It Doesn’t Matter and the world-famous Escape from the City, to be precise.

On Mr Harnell’s Instagram page, he opened up the floor to ask questions on his stories page, and one of the questions asked was if he would ever work on a song for a Sonic the Hedgehog game ever again.

Rather than a flat “no” or a cryptic “cannot confirm or deny,” Mr Harnell would go on to say “I think I kind of just did.”

It’s worth mentioning that we’re in the year of Sonic’s 30th anniversary, so it’s possible that this could be teasing a tribute single, either in collaboration with SEGA or independently.

Regardless, due to the subtle ambiguity of his statement, we want to re-emphasize that this it not an official confirmation. What are your thoughts? If this is true, are you excited to see what’s in store? Let us know your hopes and dreams in the comments!

Special thanks to SSMB user Chili Dawg for giving staff the heads up on this!

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  1. My hope is the new song will appear in this new Sonic the Hedgehog game in 2022 which is announced in Sonic Central.

  2. I sure do hope this is true. I’ve always loved the combination of Ted Poley and Tony Harnell. It would be so awesome to see them make history one more time

    Great article Indigo! Thank you for this

  3. Tony Harnell? He obviously must be related to Jess Harnell ‘cuz they’re both musicians.

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