Upcoming STRAY RATS Clothing Line Trailer Has Major 90s Vibes

Punk clothing line STRAY RATS has released a thematic trailer for their upcoming Sonic clothing line.

Rapid flashing colors warning for the trailer below:

(Originally posted on STRAY RATS Instagram, reposted by fan on Twitter)

The polygonal trailer immediately invokes a mid-to-late 90’s Genesis/Saturn/Model 2 aesthetic, focusing on Sonic himself, classic badniks, animal friends, and the pink vaporwave landscape he traditionally inhabits. The line was teased earlier this summer via Twitter and Instagram:

At this time, we don’t know what the clothing line will include, but STRAY RATS itself specializes in music and culture inspired designs. The label maintains a small catalog of products with high-end boutique prices and only ships within the continental United States.

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