Sonic Streamers Plan to Run Through Sandopolis Zone 601 Times Back-to-Back

What’s that age-old saying… “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again”? Well, a UK-based Sonic fan is taking that phrase a little too literally, as he and a group of mates have announced a plan to race through the first Act of Sonic & Knuckles’ Sandopolis Zone more than 600 times in a row! That’s very brave!

Dubbed ‘The Sando 601’, Twitch streamer huds601 is hosting the torturous playthrough in deference to a previous Sonic 3 & Knuckles speedrun attempt, in which he struggled to beat Sandopolis Act 1. Since then, huds601 explained to TSS that he set up ‘The Sando’ series as a meme, hosting The Sando 8 (beat Act 1 eight times) and The Sando 100 (beat it 100 times) before now to prove to the world that he can actually complete the stage.

The Sando 601 seems to be the ultimate expression of this pursuit of excellence, and almost assuredly a case of taking something a little too far. We applaud huds601 for taking this feat on, although we can’t tell just yet if it’s genius or madness (or a little bit of both!).

More than 20 streamers in total will be helping huds601 replay Sandopolis Act 1 over and over (and over) again, including some familiar names such as Argick and Amber Cyprian. The event will be split into six stages, with streamers splitting up to run through the stage using a specific character. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are standard, but in order to play as Amy, Mighty and Metal Sonic the streamers will be using Sonic A.I.R. as well as a number of character mods.

Honestly, we rather love how bonkers this all sounds. If you fancy watching 20+ streamers have a desert-themed meltdown live on air, you can check in on The Sando 601 event via huds601’s Twitch channel right here. The fun starts this Friday (July 30th) at 12noon UK time.

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