Sonic Colours Ultimate Switch eShop Pre-Orders Now Open

It’s taken them a while, but it looks like Nintendo has finally opened up digital pre-orders for the Switch version of Sonic Colours Ultimate on its eShop. Go ahead and get your virtual foot in the door now!

As we previously reported, there are two major versions to select from. The standard edition of Sonic Colours Ultimate will set you back £34.99/$39.99 and includes some digital bonus items such as a ‘Movie Sonic Booster’ and player icons. A Digital Deluxe edition can be pre-ordered instead for £39.99/$44.99 that offers you the aforementioned plus a bunch of exclusive music tracks, cosmetic DLC packs as well as early access to the game.

According to Nintendolife, the size of the game ranges between 6.9GB (on the US Nintendo website) and 7.2GB (on the US and UK eShop channels themselves). So make sure you have a fair amount of space cleared so you can download without any fuss.

SEGA celebrated the news with a special piece of artwork which was shared on its official Twitter channel. You can see it in full here (and yes, we totally did notice the Tails Dolls sitting right there SEGA, well played).

You can pre-order Sonic Colours Ultimate digitally through the below links:

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