SAGE 2021 Trailer’s Got Ambition and Style

Maybe with a lower-case ‘s’ this year?

Every year, the online Sonic Amateur Games Expo showcases projects and prototypes from across the community, celebrating fan games and fan-developed original games. This year, “original” seems to be the key word. 2D and 3D Sonic/Mega Man/Kirby fan games still vie for the spotlight, but among them are many, many original worlds, fresh ideas, and a whole lotta styyyyyyyle.

It’s a 16 minute trailer, but it’s worth starting your weekend off with it!

SAGE 2021 will run from August 21 through 27 featuring live streams and playable demos. Details (and past SAGE projects) can be found at

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  1. Some interesting looking indie games and fan games here I guess. Wasn’t expecting to see what appears to be a Freedom Planet level editor fan game there (8:59).

    I love the Spring Yard Zone remix by John Tay btw.

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