Rumor: Team Sonic Racing Getting 30th Anniversary Release, Packaged With Artbook

It’s happened again. Another Sonic 30th anniversary game has popped up on French retailer SoGamely: Team Sonic Racing 30th Anniversary Edition.

The retailer has the game listed for both Nintendo Switch and PS4, with a release date of October 27. You can check it out for yourself here.

People have already begun speculating that this release might have some sort of extra content, but another listing from the website G3 Great Games hints at something somewhat more mundane: a free artbook. The website, which lists the game for €29.99, also features a shot of the box art, which features a logo detailing a Sonic 30th anniversary artbook and nothing else. You can find the box art below. You can see the listing yourself here.

As always with rumors, the information could be wrong or incomplete. It’s possible that…for whatever reason, this listing is wrong and the product doesn’t exist, although the box art and multiple website listings are pretty compelling evidence.

It’s also possible that this is real and there could be more to this then just and artbook. Finally, it’s also possible that this is an EU exclusive release, meaning that people in other regions won’t be getting it. Whatever the case, this is listed for October, so we’ll probably know soon.

Special thanks goes to Josiahblaze from our discord for the news tip!

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  1. it wont happen but it would be nice to have additional teams and tracks with the PC version just getting DLC

  2. What’s the point of this exactly? This is so obviously just a grab at extra money. TSR is also such a weird game to get its own 30th anniversary re release, like why TSR. People still adore All Stars racing transformed, why not release that?

    1. Yeah, but they’d actually have to port Transformed. It costs way less time and money to just repackage a game with an artbook.

      Assuming this doesn’t have extra content, of course.

      1. That’s what i mean its cheap. The game has already been re released once, sega is jusy tryna squeeze every cent out of this game barely any cared for when it came out

        1. Dang I was really wishing Sega would do this with older games =.= oh well, hopefully it gets an Xbox release as that’s the only platform I don’t have this game yet

  3. Yawn, I rather have a collection of the previous Sega All-Stars games (not just the racing games but the tennis one as well) then this.

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