Submit Your Questions for Mike Pollock and Johnny Gioeli for Race for Good 2021

Do you have a burning question to ask legendary voice actor Mike Pollock? Or perhaps you want to know what Crush 40 vocalist and rock star Johnny Gioeli’s perfect Sunday is? Well, you now have the perfect opportunity to ask! As part of the Race for Good 2021 event, Mike and Johnny will be available to answer your questions in a Q&A on June 26th – and from today you can submit your questions for them both.

Announced last month, the Race for Good is an annual charity event led by UK Sonic streamers Andy ‘TheBritishAndy’ Wilson and Pete ‘TitansCreed’ Nethercote. This year, the guys have gone all-out to raise money for SpecialEffect in the most Sonical of ways – with guest streamers from around the world participating, as well as the Q&As with two legendary names in the Sonic franchise.

So, how do you take part? Well, first of all, you should think of some clever questions to ask either Mike Pollock or Johnny Gioeli. Then, you can head to the Race for Good 2021 Q&A Submission Form here and submit your question.

Make sure your questions are good! Both Mike and Johnny are not new to answering fan questions, with the two of them having attended the Summer of Sonic convention a number of times – so we wanting to see some interesting things here. The more interesting, the better, as we may not be able to ask every question submitted, so you should make yours stand out!

Check out the trailer for the event once more, down below.

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