“Rapid Recap” Brings 12 Seasonal Characters Back to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

For those of you who didn’t grab Elf Classic Sonic the first time around!

HARDLight has announce that, starting June 9 and going through June 21, they will be bringing back cards for their seasonal characters in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. No, this won’t be your chance at snagging movie Sonic, but if you want the sports, Halloween, or New Years themed characters, a different one will be available each day.

To help you collect cards, you’ll be given special missions and gifts. Further, they’re reducing mission timers and refresh prices.

See the characters, dates, and details in the screenshot below, and happy collecting!

Rapid Recap Schedule

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  1. Great, but it’s even better when Rings are doubled in Tails’ Vault!!…

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