First Images and Pre-Orders for Sonic The Card Game

Beware the sinister machinations of Metal Sonic and… Cubot.

Steamforged’s Sonic The Card Game had a sparse announcement back in March, but we now have official photos of the components, and hey, you can pre-order it too. European buyers can get it from their local Sega Shop, and North American buyers can order from Steamforged directly.

This is our first look at the game components, really highlighting the press-your-luck aspects. Beyond your lead character from Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, and Blaze, you’ll have allies, antagonists, and plenty of rings.

Steamforged has not yet made the instruction manual available for preview yet, but details on the game’s official page highlight that in each “level,” you’ll be uncovering rings and ally “power-ups.” You’ll need to cash out before you encounter two enemy cards, or your winnings will be lost.

Card art is clean and attractive, though it uses a lot of well-traveled stock art. Ring cards appear on the modern Green Hill, Power-Up characters reside in Ocean Palace, and enemies menace modern Chemical Plant. Players also get a smattering of tokens for their rings and character.

The Europe Sega Store estimates shipping on September 6th, and Steamforged expects to ship September 20th.

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  1. Looks really cool! And Blaze is playable!! Im getting this for sure, still unsure on Colors Ultimate tho

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