An E3 2021 Double Offering Of Sonic Colors Ultimate Gameplay Is Here (UPDATE)

E3 2021 is here, and just a couple of weeks after its reveal at the Sonic Central broadcast, we’re getting a better look at Sonic Colors Ultimate via a couple of gameplay videos.

Both gameplay videos of Sonic Colors Ultimate feature one level each, and the graphics are clearly much better than the reveal trailer footage from last month. Game Informer’s has Act 1 of Planet Wisp. IGN’s has Asteroid Coaster Act 1.

In each video, one of the new collectibles can be seen being picked up. A “Tails Save” item is picked up in Game Informer’s video, revealing that you get a couple of Tails saves for every time you pick the item up. And, yes, they seem to be tied to your life counter. The giant coin-like items are picked up in Game Informer’s video. They get their own counter that temporarily appears after you pick one up. None of the items are actually used, unfortunately.

As for any other tidbits, there’s some slightly-remixed music. The Homing Attack reticle also seems to have been improved. Not only is it easier to see, but you can time it just right to get a rainbow effect. And speaking of effects, you get a confetti one for obtaining a Red Ring.

That all said, this is probably not going to be the last we see of the game before its release. It’s possible more info on the game may even surface during E3. If so, we’ll let you know. Sonic Colors Ultimate is releasing on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 7th.

UPDATE: The Future Games Show gave us a third look at the game today. The level, this time, is Tropical Resort Act 2. There is not much of note that e haven’t already seen. The music still sounds remixed and those big coins are picked up again. But, right at the end, we learn that getting a great score for a level no longer rewards you with extra lives. You now get those mysterious coins.

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  1. I really don’t get the hate some fans give to the footage here. I personally think the visual overhaul in the remaster is pretty nice, nowhere near as bad as the SA1 & 2 ports. The explosions and something about Sonic’s model looks a little iffy but beside that, this looks good.

  2. the one thing I don’t like about these recent sonic games is that there is no lives system. I guess that “Tails save” can count, but you still keep all of your progress, which makes the game piss easy. Sonic Forces did that and it made the game super quick. Also, with this “no lives system” the rings literally mean absolutely nothing

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