Sonic Forces, Sonic Generations Team Working on 2022 Sonic Title

An official press release from SEGA has revealed that the team behind Sonic Forces and Sonic Generations are working on the officially untitled (but also totally caled Sonic Rangers) game due for release in 2022.

In a tidbit missed by many, Noisy Pixel picked up the factoid, confirming that the long-serving team will be making their return in the first major installment of a Sonic title in the 2020’s.

While this new information doesn’t bring to light any further detail regarding the new title, it does reinforce that this game is set to be the next major title in the Sonic series.

Stay tuned for more Sonic 2022 / Sonic Rangers news!

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    1. I like the boost in Sonic games but I don’t want to rely on the boost to beat a stage. Like I don’t want the stages to be like “Luminous Forest”.

  1. I hope the development team would not make the same missteps they have with “Sonic Forces”

    1. I sincerely hope they add some semblance of momentum platforming into this game. Please Sega, make the boost Sonic Advance 2/3 style where you have to earn the boost by maintaining top speed and through upgrades or ring count making it easier to achieve.

  2. I got excited until they also mentioned developers from Forces.
    It’d be nice if we got some specific names. Like who the level designers will be? Who’s directing this one?

  3. Sonic Forces was pretty well made, but far too minimalistic and unremarkable for a Sonic game and I honestly feel Generations was only a little better. Can’t say I’m too hyped about this news. Lol

  4. I hope they don’t mean the composers, level designers, writers, and the people behind the controls. The only redeemable thing about forces was the graphics.

  5. So that means the game is boost to win, no story, minimal challenge rating and 1.5 hours to complete.

    Sorry, I’m keeping me money.

  6. Although it does say it’s behind Forces and generations team we should probably wait until more information gets shown later in the year. Besides I did see a theory somewhere about what was seen in the teaser saying that the little burst of speed that Sonic got could possibly not be the boost at all (remember Sonic Advanced 2?)
    This is a teaser after all (P.S. we could possibly see new writers working on the project) this is just speculation though.

  7. I’m not surprised the Generations and Forces team being behind Rangers’ development. I wanna judge the game fairly when I play it for myself, but I can understand everyone being cautious after how Forces turned out.

    I like Classic Sonic and all but I hope he doesn’t appear again. First time (Generations) was of course okay, second time (Forces) was pushing it and a third time (this game) would just be plain ridiculous.

    1. Exactly, it’s not right to say a game is going to automatically be bad just because the game is being worked by the team that brought you X game here and Y game there people just need proper understanding and wait until more gets shown off

  8. Something tells me classic sonic will be in this game due to generations and forces having him

  9. This article is a little deceptive, considering a lot of the leads on the teams behind Generations and Forces were different. They both had different directors and different design teams.

    I’m pretty sure the “team that brought you X and Y” line is commonly used just to generate hype by saying “remember this game and this game?”

    ie. the “team” they are referring to is Sonic Team, but the two games they mention were staffed differently so it doesn’t mean anything much.

  10. But the Sonic Generations team WAS part of the Sonic Forces team……At the beginning of the Forces trailer it said “From the teams that brought you Generations and Colors”…… So what is the difference this time???? Besides maybe a few roles like the producer or whatever getting shifted around here and there? I don’t understand this news, what is going at Sega or if Sonic Team is even a ln actual dedicated studio anymore or just a brand.

  11. What would have made me happy was if they had said the team behind Rangers was the one from Sonic “Unleashed”.

    But to be fair, that may also be the case as well, and besides, as someone has pointed out above, SEGA’s statement is extremely vague, and what would be useful information would be who are writers, level designers, programmers, etc.

  12. Can’t wait to play “Rangers”. I love classic Sonic but for the love of god please don’t include him again, he has outstayed his welcome.

  13. This game was actually mentioned way back in January 2021 from someone who claimed they had play tested it.

    They said it’s called Sonic rangers – a free roam Sonic game where you run around in a forest fighting robots and collecting emeralds to defeat the final boss.

    He also claimed it’s only Sonic thats it. – of-course that could change later.

    So basically its Sonic breath of the wild… I have mixed feelings about this only because the guy who claimed to have tested it said “it was boring”

    Hope more is shown in E3 to get more of an idea. and if it turns out to be exactly what the leaker said….well…the game has no hope.

  14. Honestly I thought they would’ve fired most everyone on Sonic Team after Sonic Forces. Was really hoping for a clean slate after 4 years without a Sonic game. Now I have to expect the same terrible level design and physics as Sonic Forces. This game is bad until proven otherwise.

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