Sonic Colours Ultimate Announced

SEGA’s Sonic Central stream has just formally announced the existence of Sonic Colours Ultimate, a remaster of the 2010 Wii classic that will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on Setpember 7th.

The game will feature the same gameplay as the Wii original, along with a brand new theme song that appears to have been developed by Crush 40.

The key art for the game looks very pretty! Pre-orders of the game will come complete with an adorable Baby Sonic keychain.

More details on this remake – including the stunning new trailer – as we get it!


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  1. As expected, looking forward to it.

    Also, the new Colors animated short looks great.

    1. You can pre-order rn on EBGames/GameStop for physical. Digitally you can pre-order from Epic Games Store.

  2. Did anyone catch the electricity effect from the movie towards the end of the trailer. I swear down his spines are glowing as he runs towards the goal ring in starglight carnival.

  3. Just wanted to add a correction to the article. The trailer music isn’t a new theme song for Sonic Colours Ultimate, and is a song from 2019 called Gotto Go by Gyom. It’s an extremely Sonic-y sounding track, and it fooled me at first too!

  4. Not mentioned in the article, but alongside the boxes shown it will also be available on PC as an Epic Store exclusive.

  5. Am I the only one who noticed that there’s no PS5 version? Also, what’s that Wisp that’s underneath the Yellow Drill Wisp?

  6. because the PC version is locked behind Epic Games Store, there is no PC version.
    I’m not getting it until it’s given back to Steam.

  7. I was generally hoping they would do a a port on the other Sonic 3D games on the past I was quite disappointed but at least we’ve got a classic compilation on the way

  8. So the music wasn’t just a cool track for the trailer? It’s a new theme song? And it’s Crush 40? Holy moly.

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