Sonic Colors Ultimate Developer, Price, Digital Edition Revealed, to be Epic Exclusive on PC

We’ve got some more info on Sonic Colors Ultimate, specifically on its developer, price, and a few other things.

It is being developed by Blind Squirrel Entertainment, a development studio more recently known for its work on BioShock: The Collection, Borderlands: Game of the Year Enhanced Edition, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition. So they have a lot of experience with this kind of project!

The game will also launch both physically and digital for $39.99. We already knew about the keychain for the physical version, but the digital version will come with its own bits of exclusive content: a Sonic “movie boost” that adds the electric sparks from the Sonic movie, and “exclusive player icons,” which are supposed to help you “stand out in a crowd,” though I’m not really sure what they actually are. Maybe those icons you could stick on your save files in the original?

There will also be a “Digital Deluxe Edition” for $44.99. This version includes “early access” which makes the game playable four days early, MORE exclusive player icons, an “ultimate cosmetic pack” which basically just gives Sonic silver or gold gloves, and an “ultimate music pack” that contains three exclusive original game remixes.

Finally, I’ve got some bad news for PC gamers who aren’t active users of the Epic Store: the PC version will be Epic Store exclusive, at least for the time being. Hopefully, it’ll hit other storefronts at a later date, but anyone who wants for PC on launch day will need to deal with the Epic storefront.

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  1. The whole PC situation seems to need a bit more clarification from SEGA because the official Sonic Colors Ultimate website list Steam as a platform but it’s not mentioned within the trailer and doesn’t seem to have a dedicated pre-order page on Steam.

  2. I’m honestly bummed the 3 remixes are seemingly locked behind the digital deluxe pre-order. The soundtrack was my favorite thing about Sonic Colors and I’m super hyped that they went out of their way to make 3 original remixes for the game (crossing my fingers their for Planet Wisp, Aquarium Park, and Tropical Resort). I’m planning on getting the game physically though so I guess I’ll have to miss out :/

      1. Yeah, still just isn’t the same as hearing it in-game though, y’know?

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