Shirt Alert! Mad Scientist at RIPT Apparel

Today in Shirt Alert, SCIENCE!

Welcome back to Shirt Alert, the series that only exists at the whims of the daily t-shirt marketplace.

If you’re a fan of unethical science, bald heads and eccentric facial hair, go check out Mad Scientist by Sketchdemao. You’ve got all the greats: Dr. Groundskeeper Willy, Dr. Neon Corvette, and Vincent Price’s Egghead from 1960’s Batman. Put them on your torso, and watch them fight anthropomorphic animals, so long as you consider humanoid robots to be animals.

RIPT offers the design as men’s/women’s/youth t-shirt ($13-23), sweatshirt ($22-30), zipper hoodie ($45-47), tanktop ($20-24), poster ($15), or canvas wrap print ($20-55).

As with most designs, it’ll only be around for today (May 23 Midnight EST). On RIPT, the designs may stick around a few hours after, but at an increased price.

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