Shirt Alert! BIG Tricks! at The Yetee

Today in Shirt Alert, skate like it’s 1998. Grind like it’s 1999.

Welcome back to Shirt Alert, the series that’s all about sick decks for your body.

I’m often confronted with “This is the most 90’s thing ever” in Shirt Alert. Today, I am confronted with something that is actually the most 90’s thing ever. I’m at a loss to think of any design I’ve ever seen that compares. Anyhow, check out BIG tricks! by Jaimonster. What more do you want? It’s got Radical the Cat doing flip 1080 ollie grinds with his good pal Frogger, of popular video game series Frogger.

The Yetee offers the design as unisex/women’s t-shirt ($14-17), sweatshirt ($22-30), long sleeve tee ($22-24), and zipper hoodie ($30-32).

As with most designs, it’ll only be around for today (May 31 Midnight EST).

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