SEGA Accidentally Mentions ‘Sonic Rangers’ in Press Release

Looks like the cat’s out of the bag. Or the hedgehog. Whatever. Following the intriguing and exciting teaser for the next mainline title in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise – for which currently no name has officially been announced – it seems that SEGA mailed out a press release covering its Sonic Central livestream and made mention of something called ‘Sonic Rangers’.

Eurogamer reports that SEGA mailed out a notice to members of the press last night that included the line, “Announcing new console experiences, Sonic Colors: Ultimate and Sonic Rangers, further details on Netflix’s Sonic Prime, mobile news, musical events and much more!”

Since then, a revised press release was sent to journalists with the reference to Sonic Rangers omitted. It now reads, “Announcing new console experiences, Sonic Colors: Ultimate and further details on Netflix’s Sonic Prime, mobile news, musical events and much more!”

According to Eurogamer, a SEGA rep said that “the original press release [was] an older version that was shared incorrectly”.

The snafu adds weight to rumours that have flying around since January that suggests that the new game, due for release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2022, will be titled ‘Sonic Rangers’ and will feature open-world platforming elements.

Of course, officially all we know about this game is the short teaser trailer and a mysterious glyph – fans have been pulling this apart all across the community to make sense of it all. No doubt more info will be revealed – perhaps in time for Sonic’s birthday next month? Stay tuned to TSS for the latest!

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  1. Don’t you just love when the game publisher can’t keep their sh*t together for a second?

    1. I prefer to believe it’s going to rip off Pokemon Rangers. Get ready to draw extremely fast circles!

  2. Iam guessing more maybe revealed at the summer games fest or e3 but something deffo should be shown on the 23rd of June

  3. I’m actually shocked that the dude “breaking his NDA to talk about the upcoming game Sonic Rangers” was actually legit…like…that never happens.

    The sad part is at the time of playing the demo, the tester said it was pretty boring and unpolished. It’ll have been years since the testing before it’s released, so maybe they’ll fix it up, but who knows?

    I’m just hoping Sonic Team listened to the testers’ suggestions and took them to heart.

  4. Way to go Sega! LOL!😂

    Btw, many people thought of Power Rangers jokes when the name was first revealed, but am I the only one who thought of Sega’s firefighter-themed Burning Rangers game?

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