Prepare Your Smartphones For More Content Coming To 3 Sonic Mobile Titles

Today’s Sonic Central broadcast contained news on a few Sonic mobile titles, including Sonic Dash and especially Sonic Forces Mobile. All of them are getting added content soon, although most of it is only being added via limited-time events

The first mobile game is Sonic Dash. It is getting probably the least amount of content of the 3 mentioned in the broadcast, but you’ll be able to get pirate costumes in an event later this month, like Pirate Sonic and Captain Shadow.

Sonic Racing on Apple Arcade is next. Classic era content is going to be coming to the game, including characters like Classic Sonic. Also coming are Classic vehicles, and even 3 Classic era maps. There will even be brand new music.

Sonic Forces Mobile is last. Later this summer, Super Sonic arrives in a limited-time event. You’ll also be able to battle friends in private races in a limited-time event later this year.

Another limited-time Sonic Forces Mobile event is happening around Halloween, when players can unlock The Werehog. This same event will be simultaneously coming to Sonic Dash.

Via Sonic Central Broadcast

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