Sonic Talk Podcast, Episode 74

This episode: Balan Wonderworld Demo, Sonic Flash Games, and IDW Bad Guys

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Catch-up continues as we continue to publish past podcasts, this one from January 2021.

Kicking this episode off is a lengthy discussion of the then-recently released demo for Balan Wonderworld, which, unsurprisingly, we were not especially positive on. I do my best to explain Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, and Nuckles plays some Sonic flash games before Adobe kills the platform.

In the news, we discuss the Taxman Sonic 1 & 2 PC decompiles, Roger Craig Smith and Ken Pontac leaving the franchise, Sonic 2 Movie’s shooting locations, and we wrap things up with more IDW talk, covering the finale of Badnik Bases and Chao Races, and the Bad Guys miniseries.

(01:05) Intro
Games We’ve Been Playing:
(3:13) Balan Wonderworld Demo
(30:12) Puyo Puyo Tetris 2
(35:57) Sonic Flash Games
Sonic News:
(42:10) Sonic 1 and 2 mobile decompiled for PC
(46:33) Sonic Netflix & Departures in English Sonic Staff
(1:00:36) Critic’ Choice Super Awards
(1:02:39) Sonic 2 shooting locations
(1:05:17) Sonic 1, 2, and Generations prototypes uncovered
(1:11:17) New Jakks Pacific toys
IDW Comic Talk:
(1:05:40) Badnik Bases and Chao Races arc
(1:18:52) Bad Guys miniseries

Peace, all, and until next episode!

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