RUMOR: Sonic Colors Remaster Incoming, UPDATE; Price & Platforms Also Leaked

UPDATE: Thanks to Ali Ahmed in the comments, we now know of another source that’s leaked info. French online game retailer Sogamely has Sonic Colors listed for Switch, PS4 and Xbox One for €35 each. Given how game prices tend to work that’d translate to $35 USD. The games are called “Sonic Colors Ultimate – Limited Edition.” If accurate, this would appear to suggest that the remaster would getting some sort of physical release as well.

Unfortunately, linking to it directly doesn’t seem to work, but you can find it yourself by going to the Sogamely link we provided and searching “Sonic Colors.”

Original Article:

German dubbing studio iksample has potentially leaked a Sonic game: a remaster of Sonic Colors. The company lists it among their upcoming projects (albeit with a Sonic Boom graphic). This would be a pretty odd thing to list by mistake, but as always: this isn’t a confirmed project, so treat it as such.

If true, this suggests the game is getting a German dub, something the original game didn’t have. A “remaster” can mean a variety of things in today’s game industry, but the creation of a new dub suggests something a bit better than “Sonic Colors but in HD.” Though it hardly points towards a completely remade game either.

If this is real, we’ll likely be hearing about it soon. Stay tuned for further updates!

via iksample

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    1. Me to that’s a fact i might get it on PS5 for better graphics and then on switch to play it portable.

  1. Sega hasn’t really done a remaster of any of the 3D games in a while. Hopefully this is real and we can expect some of the other boost style games to get the same treatment too.

    What would be really sweet is finding a way to incorporate the portable versions of these games in some capacity too.

  2. Don’t get your hopes up about this being real. If it is though, it would be very nice if the console version of Sonic Lost World was given the same treatment.

  3. Colors still remains as one of the slighty more better 3D Sonic games in my book so if a remaster is coming I’m getting it.

  4. I enjoyed this when it came out to the Wii. So if this came out to the Switch, not only would I double dip, but I would have an excuse to sell off my Wii copy.

    Besides, when Eggman sounded a bit like Yosemite Sam in that one scene, that was what sealed it for me. XP

  5. It makes sense to bring arguably one of the more popular Nintendo exclusive titles to all current HD/UHD consoles

    I like

  6. Gosh dang it, just announce SOMETHING! Come on! It’s not gonna be hard to beat Mario’s 35th in the way of things that aren’t Blip’d away. Literally just… something!

  7. Would definitely buy this if it’s real, I’d love to see Colors in HD and not have to set up my Wii U whenever I wanna play it.

  8. If only they would port the console version of Generations (not the 3DS version). Heck, even the good version of Unleashed (not the Wii version).

    Two games that weren’t on Nintendo consoles.

    1. I wouldn’t mind if they remastered Unleashed with both the Wii stages and the PS3 stages. If they could combine both Dark Gaia fights, that’d be great too.

  9. The Remaster should take both the Wii and DS Versions, and combine them into a definitive edition, if this is happening.

  10. Since others have brought this up, I’d like to parrot them and say if the DS levels aren’t in I won’t be interested in revisiting this considerably short Sonic game.

    Wish they would rework the entire story and omit the jokes, insert characters, and give me a good reason to play through it again.

    Super Sonic Giant Monster Fight. 06 is supposed to be the unfinished game here, come on!

  11. Nice, but I hope its not the only port they’re planning. Its nice to see a physical release though!

    Will get it on xbx, switch and hopefully it’ll be on steam too!

  12. Another update, sogamely removed the listing of sonic colors. Saw it on David ka’s video and I checked it.

  13. I’d Love to get ab “Unleashed Collection” where we get both the 360/PS3 and the Wii/PS2 versions, as well as the mobile version.

  14. So, Sonic Colors is getting a remake but not no word yet on Sonic Colours?! Typical.

  15. I was hoping for a SA1 remaster announcement, but this is just as good, I loved Colors! Glad to hear gamers on other platforms will get a chance to play it.

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