Fans Seek to Continue Sonic Boom Themselves Through Project M2

A bunch of Sonic fans have gotten together to resurrect Sonic Boom as a YouTube series. Called “Project M2,” the fan show is already well underway, with locations, character riggings, and storyboards in the process of being made.

They’ve announced the project alongside a Patreon, which will allow them to cover costs already incurred. Anyone who pledges $20 or more will gain access to work-in-progress assets, such as the aforementioned locations, character riggings, and storyboards, of which more than 20 are already available. According to the people behind the project, the Patreon funds are only meant to cover the cost of production, and the completed episodes will be made available for free to everyone on YouTube.

While they largely seek to stay true to the show, they will be integrating their own ideas into a few things, mostly in the set design.

All of this was announced via a YouTube video. The guy explaining the info does a remarkably good Roger Craig Smith Sonic impression, so it’s probably safe to assume he’ll be doing the voice for the show! Check out their Patreon here, and their announcement video below:

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  1. This is really bizarre to me, I know many fans (somehow) like Boom, especially the newer gen that seems to accept change easily, and newcomers alike, but to fund a show? Seems like a waste of effort/money that can go into making a better project. And I love bringing stuff back, it’s the best way to quench the need for preservation; just not this.

    I want to see how this spinoff will fare in a few years, will fans still be vocal? Or will they be Sonic Underground?

    I’d like to say “good luck” to them, but there’s just not a single part of me that can support this.

    1. Yeah I’m with you on this, this just seems really extra for a series that’s generally negative by the majority.

    2. I mean, if they have the passion to do this, and chose to do this over other projects, there probably isn’t a “better project,” they could be working towards. They may not find the drive to work on it at all if it was say, a SatAM reboot or something. Or even something not Sonic related. I imagine most of these people are probably getting their first or early experience working on a project like this.

    3. I think this is really awesome! I’d love to see where they take the show. As someone who’s played the games since Genesis days, I enjoyed the comedic twist the original show brought. I absolutely look forward to this!!!

    4. Oh I hear ya, brotha!

      I’m still waiting on a SatAM revival. Also, wasn’t someone working on a sequel to the Sonic OVA?

  2. Ehhh

    I’ve never been keen on fans taking an existing thing, making changes then slapping their names all over it (looking at you Taxman)

    Remember last year when a group of SatAM enthusiasts tried to resurrect it? No thanks

  3. I don’t really hate SB, hate is a strong word, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I miss the cartoon because I don’t. I do miss Sticks though, so assuming this project gets through its goals and comes to completion, it will be interesting to see how she will for better or worse be portrayed.

    Either way, good luck to the people behind this and the SB fans supporting this.

  4. I ❤️ amy rose in sonic boom because she’s maybe. Mean and bossy but she’s also a friend she’s also has a crush on sonic

  5. Es una gran noticia 😃, me parece genial, sonic boom solia ser muy entretenida para mi.

  6. Really? I know people loved some things about it. I mean i love sticks as a character and some devices like the Enderbeams and the Badnik designs. Amy’s outfit was nice. However the writing came off as too self-aware and depreciating. Not to mention it is clear that the writers weren’t happy with the material they git and decided to mess about.

  7. Well let’s put it this way. When Sonic Prime arrives and if fans are not happy with this new series, then this MIGHT become an nice alternative. I’ll still give Prime a chance, but I’m down to seeing Boom continue in one way or another.

    One thing I would hope they do is make a more energetic intro. Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice’s theme would be perfect for a new music intro. I wonder if they are also looking for writers? I might be interested in writing a few episodes.

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