Classic Sonic Ornaments From Hallmark Incoming

If you’ve been wanting to add some extra Sonic pizazz to your holiday celebrations, your in luck: Classic Sonic ornaments have been revealed as part of Hallmark’s 2021 catalog.

There are two ornaments in total: one with Sonic & Tails, and another with Knuckles. Both ornaments were designed by Matt Johnson, and will be priced at $19.99 and $17.99 respectively. Neither ornament has a release date yet, though the Knuckles one will be made in limited quantities.

Check them out below!

Not much else is known about these ornamented at the moment, though you can find their sizes in the source below.

via Digital Dream Book


  1. Quite a lot of classic themed stuff atm. Is this a hint the 30th anniversary will mostly be classic? I don’t mind if it is.

    Classic sonic is where it started and its thanks to the classics we have the franchise.

    Here’s hoping Mania 2 is upon us!

  2. Buy two Knuckles, dip one in purple paint, tie a rubber band on the ring, other end to the other ring, and boom bam Knuckles’ Chaotix!

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