WonderCon’s Going Fast With An IDW Sonic Panel

There’s a Sonic panel happening this month, but not the one that may immediately come to your mind. On March 26th, an hour-long IDW Sonic panel is being held for Sonic comic news.

The full name of the event, Comic-Con International’s WonderCon Anaheim, takes place on the 26th and 27th. It’ll be an “At Home” edition, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. And as for the panel itself, there’s no shortage of guests in attendance.

Excluding secret special guests that have been teased, Bracardi Curry, Evan Stanley Gale Galligan, Ian Flynn, Michael Cisneros, and David Mariotte are mentioned. Marioette is apparently going to be the moderator of the panel.

As for the panel itself, apparently, the IDW Sonic team will “announce details about the Sonic 30th Anniversary Comic Special with guest appearances by top-secret blockbuster talent who will be writing Sonic comics in 2021″.

There is, however, one interesting thing of note. The panel’s listing page does mention that this is IDW and SEGA “kicking off” celebrations of Sonic’s 30th anniversary”. It’s not surprising, but it is yet another tease that there’s going to be a lot to look forward to from SEGA and Sonic this year.

Via WonderCon Website

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  1. It’s great to see the Anniversary celebrations are officially starting! I wonder who will be writing for the IDW comics in 2021 and if it’s just going to be for the Anniversary special or on a regular basis, or maybe whoever it is will be in charge of the next big arc.

    Also I get the feeling we won’t be getting any game news until June 23 but is still nice to have something for the comics.

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