Shirt Alert! Ring of Friends and The Fallen Green Hill at The Yetee

Today in Shirt Alert, You maniacs! You blew it up!!

Welcome to the hydra of Shirt Alerts; as the linear progression of time cuts down one design, two more spring up! The Yetee has double designs today:

For Chaotix fans (and I mean old school Chaotix fans) comes CJ Rasmussen’s stylish Ring of Friends. Cute sketch-style characters stand out with the garish neon that defines the game’s style.

Meanwhile, Fitas Artwork’s The Fallen Green Hill uses a presents a vision of the future by way of a bubbly style and a muted palette. Perhaps some form of bizarre society run by hairless apes.

The Yetee offers the design as unisex/women’s t-shirt ($14-17), sweatshirt ($22-30), long sleeve tee ($22-24), and zipper hoodie ($30-32).

These designs expire at the end of the day (March 5, 1 AM EST), so if you’re compelled to make commerce happen, do so quickly!

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  1. Ring of friends is already gone 🙁

    not sure why this comment was deleted the first time, it’s actually just an error page and I came back to see if it was available again

  2. Gah, I don’t understand these “one-day only” designs!! I keep missing them by a day or two and they would have totally sold another shirt… maybe like 3 days so there’s enough time for the word to spread, jeez. Or maybe the whole rarity of it all is the whole point. I really want that Chaotix shirt 🙁

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