SEGA Teases ‘SEGA Skyways’ Digital Event for March 18 With ‘Sonic 2021’ References [U: Internal Event Only, No Sonic Announcements]

SEGA seems to be planning a digital event that will take place on March 18, and social media posts from company employees suggest that Sonic the Hedgehog news could form part of the festivities.

A series of tweets posted by SEGA Europe marketing managers have shared photos of a mysterious ‘going away package’, the contents of which will likely become clear after the digital event ends. A mock plane ticket is included that includes the event date – 18 March 2021 at 6:30pm UK time – as well as several references to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Specifically, the Passenger Name is listed as ‘S H Hog’, while the Destination is ‘Green Hill Island’. The flight number is ‘SH2021’, which certainly seems to suggest that some Sonic 30th Anniversary plans could be announced here.

A photo containing details of an upcoming SEGA digital event, dated 18 March 2021. The Passenger name and Destination all reference Sonic the Hedgehog.
A photo of a press kit for an upcoming SEGA digital event, designed like a suitcase. The overall theme of the event appears to be ‘travel’ oriented.

The above images come from the Twitter account of SEGA Europe’s product manager, while another from a PR and Community manager that confirms that there will indeed be a SEGA event online this week.

While it is possible that Sonic the Hedgehog news may finally come during this event, it’s also worth pointing out that SEGA Europe largely handles marketing for games from its in-house Western studios such as Relic and Creative Assembly. So odds are it could go either way. Although we’d be confused if Sonic didn’t form part of it, given the obvious intention of the references was to tease and generate hype for the event.

If SEGA formally announces the show, we’ll update this story and let you all know where and when you can watch it!

UPDATE: It appears that this was a case of SEGA employees getting a little too excited and accidentally PR’ing an event for themselves! A SEGA PR has clarified to state that no public digital event is planned, only an internal employees-only affair. Confirmation below.

Well, that was fun while it lasted! We’re glad that SEGA employees will be able to have a great time and do so using some creative marketing toys. We’ll let you know when SEGA wants to share anything related to… anything, in the near future!

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  1. Well, if there are new Sonic related announcements for employers there is always the possibility of a leak!

  2. This seems like we jumped the gun quite a bit. Nowhere was it explicitly stated that there was any Sonic 2021 reference, and it wasn’t even an official statement or from Sega Europe. Got me all excited when it’s just an employee posting a photo of their office party invitation…

  3. I been a whole year since the announcement of the upcoming Sonic game is delayed! US SONIC FANS CAN’T STAND IT!! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING US!!!

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