Celebrate Hedgehog Day With A New Sonic FiGPiN Collection

This Hedgehog Day doesn’t have a Sonic game announcement, but it does have some shiny new Sonic merchandise that just released. Available now is a collection of Sonic FiGPiNs!

There are 4 FiGPiNs in total. There’s Sonic, a glitter variant of him, Tails, and Knuckles. All of them are “cast zinc alloy inlaid with hard synthetic color enamel”, and “finished with an electroplated nickel coating”.

Now, their availability varies. The glitter variant of Sonic is exclusive to Target stores. Tails, along with Sonic’s normal variant, are “FiGPiN common”. Knuckles is a FiGPiN exclusive, limited to 2 a person, and 2000 have been made, making it a limited-edition one.

Both Sonic variants are priced at $15, and so is Tails. Knuckles, however, costs $5 more ($20) due to him being limited-edition availability. All of them only just released today, so if you’re planning to get them and celebrate Hedgehog Day, they should still be in-stock.

Via Figpin

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