The Knight of the Wind Returns to Sonic Forces Mobile

If your New Year Resolution, as a Sonic fan, was to unlock all of those limited edition characters in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, then you’re in luck this weekend! SEGA HARDlight has launched a new ‘Knight of the Wind’ campaign where you can try again to get yourself Excalibur Sonic from Sonic and the Black Knight.

Excalibur Sonic, unlockable in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

If you missed out on this character the first time (which ran back in August), you’ll need to collect 300 character cards by completing missions to play as the knighted one. His special moves include ‘Soul Surge’, ‘Meteor Charge’ and ‘King’s Judgement’. Tails will also make a copy of any cards collected and lock them in his cheeky Vault, in case you want to spend money post-event to maximise your chances of getting the limited edition hero.

Just like last time, gold rings are bountiful during this campaign as well, so you may soon find yourself rolling in in-game currency by the end of it. Rivals will drop loads of rings when attacked too. Special Cards will also be gifted on occasion to all players as well, so look out for that!

This re-run of the Knight of the Wind event starts today (15 January), and ends 27 January.

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  1. I hope all the Knights of the Round Table will appear in the game, or at least Sir Gawain… and Sinbad!!…

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