Sonic Talk Podcast, Episode 72: Art Carney’s VR Space Sim

This episode: This episode: Streamin’ on Stadia, fan hacks, and our Stadium memories.

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Welcome to the great GX catch-up of content he’s wanted to upload for actual literal months! Still on the docket, Episode 73, and all the Twitch Streams onto Youtube.

*Lengthy exasperated groan*

This episode was originally recorded in November 2020, so yeah, a wee bit late. Also, due to recording difficulties, the audio quality has suffered a bit. Or rather, I could not remove many of the normal coughs, clicks, and creaks my cohosts make (because I would never do that myself, I’m a professional).

In no particular order, this episode discusses our experiences from 2020’s Sonic Hacking Contest and the games we played for it. A little bit of movie talk in the news, specifically which actors should be replaced with CG for Paramount’s Sonic sequel. And finally, our experiences with Sonic Stadium’s 20-year legacy, because we are all old men by internet standards.

Peace, all, and until next episode!

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A podcaster since 2008, GX originally founded The Spindash podcast, until joining Sonic Stadium's monthly Sonic Talk. He currently co-hosts the show and runs weekly streams on Stadium's Twitch channel at