Shirt Alert! Sonic Speed available at TeeFury

Today in Shirt Alert, is this a movie reference?

Welcome back to Shirt Alert! There hasn’t been much in the way of Sonic shirts lately (though some rad AGDQ runs), but today they return with a vengeance!

Since I sat for minutes trying to figure out if IQBalgarint’s Sonic Speed on TeeFury is a reference to the movie or not, I’ll save you the time, and just say, yes, it is. The lightning is the obvious suggestion, but upon close inspection, his arms are indeed blue.

TeeFury offers the design as a long or short sleeve t-shirt ($10-16), sweatshirt/hoodie ($20-39), tanktop ($10-11), face mask ($12), poster ($16-32), mug ($14-18), sticker ($6-8), or canvas print ($60-120).

As with most designs, it’ll only be around for today (Jan. 9 Midnight EST) before being banished to the mushroom dimension.

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