Sonic Talk Podcast, Episode 71: Pop Vinyls Full of G Fuel

This Month: Balan Wonderworld’s definitely-not-chao, retro IDW, and what we played for SAGE 2020.

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In this belated episode from September, we give our impressions from the SAGE 2020 games we played. Alex and Jason gush over the impressive Sonic GT, while Chris demands more Sonic and the Mayhem Master. Meanwhile, in news, we get some real nasty déjà vu as IDW slates a classic Sonic mini-series, Yuji Naka returns to the A-Life well for Balan Wonderworld, and Chris finally figures out why Sonic Funko Pops have those awful, unsettling dilated pupils.

Due to this show’s lateness, we already have another show ready to go up next week, so I’ll see you then, and with a convenient YouTube version!

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