Revisit The Adventure Era With Some Never-Seen-Before Concept Art

The Sonic Official Extra Life 2020 charity livestream that had been recently held had a special treat for Adventure fans. For the first time, fans got to see a handful of concept art from three 3D Sonic games.

Of course, seeing these pieces of concept art wasn’t a guarantee. People to donate enough to Extra Life to reach some stream milestones. It took $3,000 for fans to be able to unlock all 3 milestones related to concept art.

The concept art comes from 3 games: Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes. Each game had 2 pieces of concept art revealed. Most are in black and white, but a couple are in full color.

Out of all the pieces of concept art, there’s one picture from Sonic Adventure that really stands out. That’s because you can see that SEGA was still using the Classic designs of the characters at this point in the game’s development.

As of this article’s writing, $6,338 had been raised. This is enough to unlock the final milestone: 4 unreleased early demo tracks from Sonic Adventure 2 composed by Jun Senoue. And yes, those have been released too. While you’re listening to them, here’s a gallery of the concept art they released:

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  1. This is all very interesting. I’m glad with the version of SA1 we ended up getting (minus the fishing aspect of the gameplay, can’t stand it) but seeing classic Sonic & Tails does make you wonder what could have been…

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