Production of Sonic Movie 2, Codename ‘Emerald Hill’, to Start in March 2021

We now have the first concrete details of the Sonic Movie sequel’s active production, after Paramount confirmed in May that it was being worked on. According to newly-filed documents with a Canadian film board, Sonic Movie 2 – codenamed ‘Emerald Hill’ – will start production from March 2021.

The details can be found in a new filing with the Director’s Guild of Canada website, where the project is listed under productions taking place in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The studio behind the development is noted as ‘Red Energy Films’, with a budget of over $20m and only one name attached – Abraham Fraser. The activity is listed as taking place between March 15 to May 10, 2021.

Paramount confirmed that a sequel to the record-breaking Sonic the Hedgehog movie was being planned back in April 2020, but it was not until May that the project was in active development (likely pre-production). This latest notice suggests that the Paramount team will begin shooting next Spring.

Exciting times! Stay tuned to The Sonic Stadium for the latest on the Sonic Movie sequel!

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  1. Really excited to see what’s in store for us! No doubt the marketing will probably be based off of the old Sonic 2sday stunt as nostalgia bait. I wonder if they’ll recast Tails, though? I hope not, Colleen is perfect for the role imo.

  2. Ooooh, my aunt lives in British Colombia! I wonder if there gonna use the huge mountains for some scenes. They might use Vancouver as a filming location because that’s where most movies are filmed.

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