Preview Out for IDW Sonic’s Bad Guys #2

The full preview has been revealed for the next step in Dr Starline’s nefarious scheme to get back at Eggman! He’s brought together the brutality of Zavok, the cunning of Mimic, and the relentless determination of Rough and Tumble. Together with his intellect, destroying his former boss’ Badniks and securing the power for their own purposes should be a breeze…as long as they don’t destroy each other first! This is “Smash & Grab”.

From Sonic veterans Ian Flynn and Jack Lawrence comes “Smash & Grab,” an exciting story jam-packed with bad guys and badniks!
Some of Sonic’s worst enemies are back and badder than ever! Dr. Starline, Dr. Eggman’s former-right hand, has brought together Mimic, Rough, Tumble, and Zavok and promised them even more incredible power… if they can stop fighting each other and start fighting badniks to get to it!
In Shops: Nov 04, 2020
SRP: $3.99

Bad Guys #2 is out on November 4th, so make sure you look out tomorrow for more of their dastardly exploits!

Source: Comic Watch


  1. I’m not gonna spoil anything for those who still haven’t read the issue but I have to say, while I still don’t like Zavok, the Deadly Six and Zeti, I was quite impressed by his talk with Starline in that one scene. Thats a little bit of good character development right there (that we sadly won’t ever see in the games).

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