SEGA Looking at Miniaturizing More Consoles

If a Game Gear that fits in the palm of your hand isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry, because it looks like more SEGA mini consoles are on the horizon! Yosuke Okunari, SEGA’s Classic Hardware Producer, talked to Famitsu about what could be next. While he wouldn’t name anything in particular, he said anything anyone has imagined (or not imagined) is being considered.

He also said that unlike the Game Gear Micros, which were made for the Japanese market, the next project should be global in scope. Though due to the size and expense of such a project, it likely won’t be available for at least two years, so don’t expect anything in 2021. He then went on to say that for the next project, they will be considering something like the Mega Drive Mini (so not like the Game Gear Micro or Astro City Mini), and any console from the SG-1000 to SEGA Dreamcast could be chosen.

So, what sort of mini console would you like to see? A Master System? A Saturn? Let us know in the comments below!

Via Siliconera & Sephazon on Twitter

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  1. They know exactly what we want. 2000’s nostalgia is pretty in nowadays, it would do HUGE numbers and they know that. They’re waiting for the right time but I can assure you that after reading this I’m 95% confident it’s headed our way sometime in the near future.

    I wonder if Sonic Shuffle will make the cut?

    1. Sega would probably add their most popular games on the mini consoles they make. I have this feeling that Sonic Shuffle and Sonic Adventure 2 won’t be in the Dreamcast mini (if they make it). Their probably only going to add games that made a huge impact on the system (i.g. Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, maybe Shemmue, Soulcalibur or NBA 2K).

  2. Saturn Mini definitely! Sonic Jam, NiGHTS+xmas, Burning Rangers, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic R.

    Anything else really, as long as the Sonics are there, Sonic R has seen a lot of re-releases so I don’t see it as valuable as seeing the Saturn ver. of 3D Blast and the ‘Sonic World’ portion of Jam so it would be great. Add an option to up-res the 3D games and bam, great alternative to play these forgotten gems.

    An SG1000 mini sounds like it would only appeal to hardcore fans, MS less so, but still very niche. At least MS has seen some re-releases on Wii and 3DS.

    DC is ok, but most games I wanted to play I’ve already done so on GameCube.

  3. If they make a Dreamcast Mini I’d defiantly buy it.

    Also a Saturn Mini would be really cool.

  4. Hopefully it won’t only be made up of games that are already available, and get some other gems in there.

  5. How about a proper Game Gear Mini that scales properly to the Genesis Mini and has a large sum of games on it? Obviously a Dreamcast Mini with VMU accessories that have space for saves and DLC for all games on the system as well. Include a number of games that have VMU mini games. Make rumble packs, fishing rods, keyboards and mice for it and give it WiFi capabilities so that it can browse the web and download the original (and maybe even some new) DLC.

  6. If they made a dreamcast mini I’d love to see phantasy star online make an apperance even if they have to spool up a set of servers for it. That alone would make it a big hit for alot of people.

  7. Dream cast min,:SEGA: please bring the following,Toy commander,Ecco the dolphin defender of the future,SEGA marine fishing,Quake 3 arena,unreal tournament,Red dog,Resident evil games,wild metal.thank you SEGA.

  8. A sega cd mini would be great. So many good games people dont know about because of how expensive cd technology was when it came out. Still a good way to get those lesser know sega games out there. And to show what the sega cd could do that most people missed out on.

  9. Yeah that Game Gear Micro was a bad idea.
    A SMS mini would be good as since it didn’t last very long here in the States no thanks to Nintendo. I could also see a Saturn mini and Dreamcast mini would be good as well as long as both contains all the Sonic games for their respective systems.

  10. Sega need to switch it up an go from mini console to dreamcast hd and show a display resolution of 4k or 2k at least.

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