Mysterious Sonic Twitter “3” Might Be Tease or Mistake

Put on your tin-foil hats, and let’s dig into some weirdness tonight.

Yesterday (October 7), the official Sonic Twitter posted this:

Keen eyed observers picked up on a hidden “3” in the third circle of this Fibonacci spiral, sparking speculation that the social media account was trying to tease something, the most prominent theory being a third numbered Sonic Adventure game.

Then, Mike Pollock got in on… whatever is going on by replying with Schoolhouse Rock’s 3 Is a Magic Number.

Later on, a user found what might be the original Shutterstock image of the Fibonacci spiral, including matching number for each associated radius within the spiral.

So now we’re stuck with a series of unusual questions: Was this on purpose, or was it an accident? And if it was on purpose, what does this “3” mean?

It’s not new for the Sonic Twitter to drop weird hidden codes with no clear purpose, but this situation is particularly tricky due to the plausible deniability of it simply being a Photoshop mistake. It seems a bit weird to miss every other number except the three, but it is a scenario that has to be considered.

There have been quite a few rumors of a possible Sonic Adventure 3 (or whatever qualifies as a Sonic Adventure game in 2021). While the three could point to it, it would be somewhat meaningless to start teasing so vaguely unless an announcement was forthcoming. If Sega intends to announce its 2021 game plans this calendar year, priming the audience now makes sense. If we hear neither tease nor announcement by January, the effectiveness of a teaser like this starts getting a bit suspect.

Further, a random three in the context of Sonic can mean any number of things other than a sequel to the Dreamcast series: It could refer to a date, 3 meaning March, or the third day of a month. It could refer to a Sonic-Heroes-esque team structure. It could directly refer to Sonic 3 (&/or Knuckles), a game they don’t re-release often and would make for a pretty special occasion if they did. We know 2021 is supposed to have multiple Sonic game releases, there could be three of them.

So, you can take those tin-foil hats off now, my point in about 400 words is that this was a thing that happened on Twitter, but it’s probably not worth getting riled up yet. There’s too much doubt to assume significant meaning in a single number hidden in a joke tweet.

Source: GoNintendo

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  1. Yoooo the raucous din of the true fan are finally getting answered! Sonic 4 Episode 3 coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I believe that this was intentional and they’re teasing SOMETHING, but what that something is? I have no idea. Personally, I think if they were marketing a potential Adventure 3 it would be a little more sly and harder to crack. This could very well be a red herring, and I think new game announcements are right around the corner. Whether that be THE 3D game, the inevitable Mania sequel/inspired game or something different all together I think that the end of the drought is near.

      1. Damn right baby, the drought of Sonic 4 content is coming to an end. All will unite under added partner moves with Knuckles, that iconic Meow Mix music, and even more motion controlled minecarts. Forget momentum, forget boost, forget Wisps and character creation and Adventure Fields and Chao Gardens, what the people REALLY want is finally coming back!
        2021! The year of Sonic 4!

  2. Wait a minute I thought a SA Remake was the next one now we’re back to SA3 totally being the next game like people have been saying for a decade and a half now.
    That Twitter and Pollock are doing whatever they can to generate attention people shouldn’t take them seriously, remember how some thought Sonic R 2 was coming because of how TSR’s teaser used its R?
    The way I see it is that they wanted to make a post about Sonic’s head design and the golden ratio and noticed the 3 in the editing process and left it in to goad people knowing it would be spotted in milliseconds prompting dozens of YouTube videos within the hour. Also keep in mind Pollock wouldn’t risk one of his biggest ongoing gigs by breaking NDA like that.

  3. If it was a mistake, why not confirm it was NOT intentional? Even Aaron once did that with the cancelled SXSW Sonic Painel saying that there was NO plans for games annoucement, i can’t see why they can’t do the same for this one.

  4. I think we are all forgetting the other Sonic game which would be the third sequal-wise if released. Bring on Sonic Rush 3!

  5. Their skipping Sonic Forces 2 and going straight to Sonic Forces 3! :O Joke.

    Who knows, let’s just wait and see. They used a Sonic adventure image so maybe a Sonic Dreamcast collection is coming? (Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2 and Sonic Shuffle)

  6. It was definitely intentional. If it did come from that diagram thing, then where are the other numbers that would accidentally be missed. I just think that is a cover up. Maybe that’s HIGHLIGHTING the fact that the 3 is relevant by only keeping it there.

  7. Either this is totally intentional based on the circumstantial evidence provided, or this is just a simple case of Sonic’s management forgetting about the 3’s.

    Like Sonic 3

  8. One thing to note, they used an image of Super Sonic from Sonic Adventure. Why would they use a photo from SA if they werent trying to hint at a new SA game? They could’ve use any photo from any game. The 3 then makes it plausible that it could be a hint at Sonic Adventure 3 in the works. Who knows, but I hope it’s a third adventure game!

  9. It feels like it could be something real because 3 is the only number they left. It could be a genuine tease if something or the account’s brand of trolling the fanbase with something it knows they want.

  10. Maybe 2 appears tomorrow. 3 referred to the number of weeks until something gets revealed, and both 2 and 1 are part of the Fibonacci Sequence.

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