IDW Reveals Sonic Comics with Convention Exclusive Covers, on Sale Now

Convention exclusive merchandise has existed for a long time, and this year’s no different, with IDW selling two convention-exclusive editions of the latest Sonic comics during this year’s New York Comic Con. IDW is selling editions of both Sonic the Hedgehog #33 and Sonic: Bad Guys #1 with convention-exclusive covers for $10 each on their NYCC store.

Check out the covers below:

If these comics seem expensive to you…well that’s because they are, but it’s pretty typical for convention-exclusive stuff to be sold at a premium, so there isn’t anything particularly unusual about the price. These convention-exclusive editions will only be available for a limited time, so if you want them you might want to act fast.

IDW will be holding an online NYCC panel tomorrow. Be sure to check out Sonic Stadium for coverage!

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  1. Were it not for the fact that Zavok’s design doesn’t look animal based, I’d say he fits right in with all those OCs.

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