Concept Sketches of Fang the Sniper Revealed By Former Sega Artist

Shinichi Higashi, also known as TOUMA, has shared some early concept sketches of Sonic Triple Trouble / Sonic the Fighters character Fang the Sniper!

These early images of Nack the Weasel (as he was known in the west) depict the character’s earlier designs in short and and lanky proportions, with Shinichi stating that Nack’s head was loosely based on Opa-Opa. The final proportions were decided on based on limitations of the Game Gear sprites and the level of detail Higashi-san wished to convey in the character.

“If memory serves correct, at that time I was taken by the elegant simplicity of Opa-Opa’s design; this early Fang concept was my attempt to design a character that reflected those same traits if only a little “

Higashi-san now sells his own line of original toys of his own design, which can be purchased through his own online store, Toumart. While many fans inundated Higashi-san with follow up questions, Higashi-san stated he was conscious he didn’t want to go into too much detail, as to not upset relationships with Sega.

We hope to see more concept artwork from Higashi-san in the future!


  1. “Shinichi Higashi, also known as TOUMA”
    Thank you Stadium, to answer me the question I was answering to me 4 years ago : who is hiding the nickname Touma ?

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