All That Glitters Is Fast With This Super Sonic Pin

A Sonic anniversary isn’t just for new games. There’s also a bunch of Sonic merchandise that comes out. And another piece of Sonic merch has just been announced. Are you interested in a Super Sonic enamel pin?

Zen Monkey Studios, creators of the pin, are the latest in a series of companies that are partnering with SEGA to bring Sonic merchandise for the hedgehog’s anniversary. And they’ve decided to reveal one of them, a glittery pin of Super Sonic.

Like the pin? It’s not the only piece of Sonic merchandise that Zen Monkey Studios is making, but it’s not a guarantee that the others will be as glittery as this one is.

Their Sonic merchandise is going to be happening in multiple waves, with the first wave coming later this month. So far, they’ve only revealed the pin, but you should obviously expect more announcements in the near future.

And yes, Zen Monkey Studios is a Sonic fan, too. Their announcement of the pin included a message saying that Sonic “was one of my childhood favorites and I hope the same applies to you”.

Thanks to alexizaki on Discord for the tip!

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  1. Gotta love that glittery pin of Classic Super Sonic. Nice one, and BTW, i still like Classic Sonic.

  2. FYI UK buyers
    From Zen Monkey customer services:

    “As for the UK, the important thing to keep in mind is that we currently are only able to do international shipping on our Bundles. I’m sure we will come out with a Sonic bundle when the pins are ready, so you’ll want to look out for that. The Bundle deals are the best, anyway. They’ll be available within a month’s time!”

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