Shirt Alert! Cruisin’ available at The Yetee

Today in Shirt Alert, The Yetee drives you back to the 90s.

Torsos beware, we’ve got another Shirt Alert for you! We’ve dug through parodies of the Dragon Ball Fusion Dance and pictures of Animal Crossing’s Raymond to discover the most Sonic of designs. By which I mean, I post it if it has Sonic on it. I’m not especially picky.

Another great design from The Yetee, Cruisin’ by Indigo Beatss gives us a splash of 90’s– so wait, let’s be real here, this is themed on Crazy Taxi, right? No? Because it really reminds me of Craz– Right, but– Okay, yeah, I see what you mean, the shirt isn’t the same and the license plate doesn’t match, but you have to admit–  fine, fine, we’ll move on.

If you also yearn to drive cars near palm trees and look good doing it, you can snag this design today and only today (expiring 1 PM EST).

The Yetee offers the design as a unisex tee, women’s tee, tank top, or long sleeve tee ranging from $14 to $24.

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