SEGA CCO Talks Utilizing New Gameplay Styles for Sonic

During a Tokyo Game Show Stream, SEGA Chief Creative Officer Toshihiro Nagoshi said a few things about the future of the Sonic franchise. First, he confirmed the obvious: that we’ll continue to get mainline Sonic titles, as well as spin-offs like Team Sonic Racing, in the future. He then went on to talk about recent trends like online gaming, and went on to say that he hopes we’ll look forward to “recent, new gameplay styles in future Sonic games.”

At the moment, we don’t really know what any of that means, aside from the possibility that they are exploring bringing Sonic to other genres that are popular right now. This isn’t the first time someone at SEGA expressed an interest in bringing Sonic into new genres, as Takashi Iizuka said something similar last year. Regarding e-sports specifically, Iizuka did not think the Sonic franchise was suitable for it.

The stream was translated by Twitter user @inazumag11 for Sam Procrastinates. For the original Twitter thread and a clip of the TGS stream, go here.

As we approach Sonic’s 30th anniversary, we should start to get much more concrete info on what SEGA has planned. Stay tuned to Sonic Stadium for all the latest!

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  1. I would want a hub world and people to interact in the Sonic world. It was fun just running around doing side missions for everyone. You can take Sonic Unleashed for an example.

  2. Time and time again we have heard the same things from Sega and Sonic Team’s mouths. Time and time again we have been let down. Eventually one day, they will have to figure out how to make a decent Sonic game consistently otherwise more and more fans will find themselves uninterested as time goes on. I suggest the team gets familiar with making a quality game rather than branching out into unfamiliar territory for Sonic, as we have seen they need serious help meeting that former goal before anything were to happen.

  3. This is a misleading article.
    SEGA Chief Creative Officer Toshihiro Nagoshi was talking about gameplay styles in term of systems. He mentioned how nowadays people use systems like Smartphones, and even if (classic) systems like consoles are good they “hope you’ll be looking forward to recent, new, gameplay styles in future Sonic games.”

  4. There are so many things I’d like to play in the SONIC universe!!… For years, I have wanted a beat’em up with Knuckles, but since I played “Dynasty Warriors : Gundam 1-2-3”, I’d like to have a “Dynasty Warrior : Sonic the Hedgehog”… what a pity we won’t have the sequel of “Sonic Chronicles” because a “Dynasty Warrior : Sonic the Hedgehog” would have been perfect with many many Nocturnus soldiers to fight!!…
    I’d like a SONIC RPG too!!…
    And a brand new “Sonic the Fighters”!!…

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