Preview for Bad Guys #1 Released

It’s time for the more minor villains to take the stage in this new miniseries!

IDW have released a preview for Bad Guys #1! Dr Starline is eager to get back to evil schemes after the Metal Virus saga made a mess of everything, but it’s not going to be easy. The base he chose to devise a plan turns out not to be abandoned at all, and there’s no way he could take on Eggman’s security alone! If he wants to get anywhere, he’s going to need a team, and he’s willing to bring in some villains we all know and…well, know how treacherous they can be. What could go wrong? Find out in the first part of the miniseries!

(W) Ian Flynn (A) Jack Lawrence (CA) Aaron Hammerstrom
The mastermind behind the Metal Virus isn’t done yet. Ian Flynn returns to answer: What happened to Dr. Starline?
The Shadowy Scientist is back to his evil antics in Bad Guys! And what better place to concoct nefarious plans than one of Dr. Eggman’s abandoned bases? But that is easier said than done when badniks are guarding the entrance! Dr. Starline knows he can’t do it alone, so he decides to recruit some familiar and not so friendly faces.
In Shops: Oct 07, 2020

Bad Guys #1 is due out October 7th in comic stores and on digital platforms, a suitably creepy month to start these villainous shenanigans. If you want to walk on the bad side for once, make sure you pick it up!

Source: Apple Books (apple)

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