Find Tikal’s Lost Chao in New, Fan-made Sonic Adventure Dreamcast DLC

The Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure has received its first brand new downloadable content in nearly twenty years, thanks to the efforts of the Dreamcast community. This new DLC, called “Tikal’s Challenge,” has players traveling back to the past as Sonic to find five chao lost in the ancient echidna city. They’re tasked with finding the chao as quickly as possible, and bringing them to the Master Emerald shrine.

In the spirit of the actual Sonic Adventure DLC contests, this DLC is also connected to a real world contest being held by the person who created it, PkR. Participants have until September 23rd to submit a video of their playthrough to this Github. The person who logs the fastest time the quickest will win a Sonic Adventure DX download code for Steam.

Find chao scattered around the city.

As with all Sonic Adventure DLC, it’s rather simple, only adding a few basic assets to the game. Nevertheless, as the first new Sonic Adventure Dreamcast DLC to add assets to the game since official support for the game stopped, this is an impressive milestone, and a great way to celebrate the Dreamcast’s 21st U.S. birthday (which happens to be today)! Here’s hoping this’ll only be the start of fan-made DLC for the game.

You can download the DLC, as well as read about how it was made, here. The DLC can  work in both Dreamcast emulators, as well as on official Dreamcast hardware. A version of the DLC will be made available for the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX at a later date.

To see the DLC in action, check out TrackerTD’s video.

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