2020 Chris Tang Battles 1994 Chris Tang To Redo His Old Sonic & Knuckles Rock the Rock Run

The year was 1994. Sonic & Knuckles was featured in SEGA and MTV’s Rock the Rock competition, and Chris Tang managed to win. 26 years later, Tang was inspired to give his winning run a redo, in an effort to see if he could beat his own record.

Tang’s inspiration to redo his old run began during production of the Netflix documentary “High Score”, which featured his 1994 Rock the Rock finals competition win in the documentary’s 4th episode. So, Tang practiced for a day, then recorded his run.

The rules are simple. Chris Tang must collect as many rings as he can in 3 minutes as Knuckles in Launch Base Zone Act 1. He cannot use emulation, and he can’t use any tool-assisted speed-run methods. To go the extra mile, Tang later said that he didn’t even use any guides or external resources.

In 1994, Tang managed to obtain 153 rings, which was enough for him to win. We won’t spoil how he did this time, so you’ll just have to watch his run yourself, but he later said that ”I wanted to challenge myself to see how much better I could do now, as a gamer, and I’m pretty proud of the result”.

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