The 2020 Sonic Hacking Contest Website Is Now Open To Submit Entries

If you have been in the mood to try out some Sonic ROM hacks, 3D mods, 2D PC mods, and more, then get ready. The 2020 Sonic Hacking Contest begins in just 2 months, and the contest’s website is now live for people to enter their submissions.

The website is not all that different than last year. Despite some “fun server and software issues” that slightly delayed its launch, everything is still intact. In fact, if you still have an account from last year, you can log back in with it.

With the website’s 2020 launch, hackers and modders can now submit their entries. But note that there are a couple of changes to the entry rules this year. You must upload your entry to the site itself, as off-site download links are no longer allowed. The site’s server will now host them. Also, entries that are “monotonous or off-putting” or “very difficult”, like Kaizo hacks, have been banned.

The biggest change is that Contest Week is no longer happening during the holiday season. This year, it’s taking place from October 26th to November 1st. Unfortunately, the previous time frame for Contest Week suffered from lower stream turnout, as well as the Contest’s staff and media team getting sick. So, this has resulted in Contest Week happening sooner.

If you absolutely can’t wait 2 more months, don’t worry. A new feature that debuted this year is the Vault. The Vault has entries for past years of the contest, all the way back to 2012. So, check out the official site right here, submit your entries, and get ready for the contest in 2 months!

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