Shirt Alert! Babysitting Island available at The Yetee

Today in Shirt Alert, The Yetee wants you to chow with chao.

It’s time for another Shirt Alert, perhaps your fourth or even third favorite periodic notification of briefly available Sonic clothing designs! Since, as we know, someone has to sort through those parody designs that look like cereal boxes or gym logos.

This time, The Yetee asks you to beat the heat with your chao friends and a lot of empty calories. Babysitting Island by 1000 Dead Draculas features rosy-cheeked Sonic and Shadow being a bad influence on little chaos children.

The Yetee offers the design as a unisex tee, women’s tee, tank top, or long sleeve tee ranging from $14 to $24.

This design will be gone at the end of the day, so if you want it, go there now!

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