Knight of the Wind! Excalibur Sonic is the Latest Special Character for Sonic Force Mobile

Hold on to your swords, because SEGA HARDlight is about to unleash the Knight of the Wind in its multiplayer Sonic Forces game. To prepare for an upcoming event, players are being tasked with collecting Special Excalibur Sonic cards. These may be key to unlocking Sonic’s form in Sonic and the Black Knight as a playable character.

According to Sonic Forces’ mobile game news page, players will need to “complete missions during the ‘Knight of the Wind’ event to gain Special cards for Excalibur Sonic.” Between August 25 – 29 and August 30 – September 2, you can get a head start by getting 25 free cards for your collection.

In addition to this, gold rings will be in abundance during this period. The entire Knight of the Wind event will see players discovering gold rings in all battle chests, while competing players will drop rings on the track during races in the later stages of the event.

You can probably already make it out in the teaser graphic, but the three power moves that Excalibur Sonic can pull off include ‘Soul Surge’, ‘Meteor Charge’ and ‘King’s Judgement’. Some of these we’ll need to wait to find out more, as they seem specific to this character.

It marks the debut of both Caliburn and Excalibur Sonic in HARDlight’s competitive runner, and we can’t wait to get started! Be sure to log into Sonic Forces starting tomorrow to get yourself going!

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  1. Looks like they’ll go for any variant. What’s next? Sonic the Werehog? Boom Sonic? Classic Tails? Olympic Amy?

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