Johnny Gioeli Joins Fan Call for Crush 40 to Feature in Sonic Movie Sequel

While we can all agree that the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog movie was jam-packed full of fantastic fan-service, one notable omission has been a talking point since its release – the lack of Sonic Adventure theme song group Crush 40 in the movie’s soundtrack. Today, a group of fans has launched a petition to encourage Sonic director Jeff Fowler to fix this for the newly-announced sequel, and singer Johnny Gioeli is very publicly on board with the idea.

According to Crush 40 fan Corey Robillard, Gioelli has been vocal about including the band’s music – which have been a staple of high-profile Sonic the Hedgehog games since 1998 – in the next Sonic movie, even going so far as to work with fans to establish a hashtag (#Crush40forSonic2) to help petition for the cause.

Following Corey’s initial tweet to Fowler, Gioeli followed up on his own social media channels to signal boost the request. “I have the most amazing fans! I also think Crush40 should be the music of Sonic 2. You guys agree?” he tweeted, posting the same message on Facebook and Instagram before encouraging fellow fans to message Fowler for additional support.

Although Crush 40 was not involved in the soundtrack to the first Sonic movie, the dream team of Gioeli and Sonic sound director Jun Senoue wasn’t completely ignored. An easter egg tucked away in the film shows a reference to the band amongst Dr. Robotnik’s diabolical playlists (see image below).

But, we’d love for the band to have an formal appearance in the sequel – hopefully this is something already in consideration by Jeff Fowler and the Sonic Movie team. We’ll keep you posted whether the petition is successful!

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