Fan Discovers FULL VERSION of Theme to the Sonic the Hedgehog OVA!

That’s right; twenty four years after the release of the Sonic OVA, a full version has finally been found!

For a long time it was thought that the version already widely available would be the most we’d hear of the song. The full version you can hear in the film was never released officially. One eagle-eyed fan spotted something within the film lyrics that got them curious, but they never expected what would result;

illuminor decided to get to the bottom of it and reached out to one of the people who was involved in creating of Sonic OVA. We will not disclose the identity of this person not to cause them any troubles. The original plan of illuminor was to ask for the song’s lyrics, but his interlocutor exceeded all expectations and just sent the whole track instead of the plain text.

Check out the video above to listen to it in full glory, and read the full story of how it even managed to see the light of day. I know this is a tune I’ll be jamming to for a long time to come.

All credit for the discovery goes to Illuminor, who went above and beyond to dig up this precious piece of musical history for everyone to hear!

Source: Mefiresu (Youtube)


  1. OMG!
    This is my favorite song of all the series!

    I was so pissed they didn’t included the whole song in the album, even though they have a commentary by the composer on it.

  2. As a self-appointed “Metal Sonic Fanboy” and as a huge proponent of the OVA itself, this is seriously one of the coolest discoveries in recent memory (and that’s really saying something!). Glad to finally be able to hear the genuine, uncut full version of this awesome song!

  3. Thats quite the awesome find! I always liked the song despite the non-sense lyrics (they are non-sense in a hilarious way though).

  4. This is awesome news! This is my favorite Sonic animation and I love it so much and have collected so many different copies of the movie and have several different versions of “Look-a-Like”. TSS site mods here probably know me as a classic games purist and I am really hoping someone can talk to Illuminor and we can petition to this person or somebody for more “lost” artifacts from the movie. I am even hoping that this can bring us one step closer to a Blu-ray release!

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