Aaron Webber Is SEGA of Japan’s New Director Of Strategy, Studio & Community Relations

Aaron Webber, also known as RubyEclipse, has received a promotion! Two months after announcing his departure from the Sonic public relations team, he’s announced his new position within the ranks of the company: SEGA of Japan’s Director Of Strategy, Studio & Community Relations.

The identity of his new position itself is new, but Webber’s changing of roles is not. When he announced his departure from the Sonic public relations team, he did say he was going to a “new position within SEGA”. It wasn’t a matter of if we’d find out about his new position, but when.

So what does this mean for SEGA as a whole? Well, it’s hard to say. After all, we’re not SEGA and we don’t work there. But SEGA of Japan now has a Director Of Strategy, Studio & Community Relations that wants to see the company do the best they can and make some great games that fans will enjoy.

Speaking of the fans, there are very few people at SEGA that get the opportunity to communicate with the SEGA community as much as Aaron Webber has. He understands what it is that fans want from not just Sonic, but SEGA as a whole.  If there is anyone that can help SEGA shine and do the best they can, he’s a good candidate for that.

That all said, from all of us at Sonic Stadium, congratulations to Aaron for his promotion! We look forward to seeing what he can do in his new position at SEGA!

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  1. Stand up fellow I’ve had the privilege of meeting many times over the years 🙂

    Good luck in Japanland and congrats!

  2. This is honestly good news, SEGA Of Japan needs more people who have had communication with the people who both make and adore their games.

  3. As Robotnik would say, this is a well deserved “prrrrromotion”! I honestly think his presence there will be a huge game changer. You rock, Aaron!!

  4. I’m not really fan of Mr. Webber, but hopefully he can bring a breath of fresh air to SEGA of Japan.

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