Sonic Talk Podcast, Episode 69: Jason Is Cool Now

In this episode of Sonic Talk, tiny Game Gears, comic characters in the Sonic mobile games, and the end of zombies.

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Salutations, Sonic Talk listeners! After two months and a lost episode, we are back to talk. About Sonic. Or whatever.

This month, Jason gets all hip with the youths playing some Fortnite and tries to remember who dies before Sonic Forces, Alex discovers the JRPG behemoth that is Persona 5 and the definition of “flocked,” and I circle around a new Paper Mario game and get mad at the games Sega isn’t releasing.

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A podcaster since 2008, GX originally founded The Spindash podcast, until joining Sonic Stadium's monthly Sonic Talk. He currently co-hosts the show and runs weekly streams on Stadium's Twitch channel at