Sonic Movie Sequel Gets April 2022 Release Date

Amid the slew of movie delays being caused by the United States’ coronavirus spike, Paramount has dated Sonic’s return to theaters: April 8, 2022.

Nothing else is known about Sonic’s next film at the moment, although the people behind the movie have dropped some hints over the last few months.


    1. Why would he appear? He was just a programmer on the first games and later head of Sonic team. Would make more sense for Oshima and Yasuhara to appear as they designed the character and how the games played.

      1. He wasn’t just A programmer, he was THE lead programmer. He gave the series its iconic sense of speed and momentum physics. He’s a huge factor in the success of the franchise. If the game sucked, no one would have cared about the characters.

    1. I hope so, that would also be a good direction for the sequel; focusing more on CGI characters like Sonic, Tails and possibly Knuckles and Metal Sonic, the same goes for CGI sets like Angel Island, the Death Egg, etc.

  1. Y’know what would’ve been absolutely perfect? If this movie were to arrive on November 24 2022. Too bad it won’t be a Tuesday too… Oh well. Still, great to hear that the sequel has a date we can look forward to now.

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